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Looking for a Computer Tech? Midnight Nerd guarantees satisfaction. If it’s not fixed, there’s no charge. Call today for same day service!

Tech Support

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Looking for a Server Admin?  Choose from a diverse selection of servers that Midnight Nerd will help maintain and manage the upkeep for you.

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Looking for a Web Master? Midnight Nerd can be your personal concierge on the information superhighway. Never get lost in a web again!

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“Hi, I’m Xopher, a.k.a, Midnight Nerd. My fight against the digital headaches that plague our modern world is never ending. I’m here to help put a end to those monsters. For over two decades, I’ve helped thousands of people with their day to day computer problems . I created this website to showcase all of the services I offer. Please take a minute to look around and if your interested, catch up on latest news. You can contact me by using the form at the bottom of the page.” 

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Introducing Xophz COMPASS

Xophz COMPASS brings speed, transparency, and easy of use to your existing WordPress sites. On the surface its UI/UX is super simple to navigate and stays consitent throughout the entire experience. Under the hood it extends the power of WordPress into a supercharged online marketing machine. Combined with extendable plugins, Xophz COMPASS helps guide you through the ups and downs of today’s strategies.
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Cardinal Operators Master Planning And Strategic System

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